Construction Division

Our construction division utilizes specialized floating plant- and land-based equipment to build dikes, revetments, berms and other stone structures necessary for inland waterway channel improvements or protection, and coastal shoreline protection. We perform bank grading and other earthwork, as well as assist customers with aggregate unloading.

For information regarding our stone placing operations or capabilities, please call the Alexandria office at 318.448.0536.

Dredging Division

Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel’s Dredge Wallace McGeorge, under contract with the Corps of Engineers, is the largest private dustpan dredge in the United States. The Dredge Wallace McGeorge primarily operates on the Mississippi River dredging the deep draft crossings between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

For information regarding the Dredge Wallace McGeorge, please call the Alexandria office at 318.448.0536.

Transportation Division

While we do not operate our own horsepower for marine transportation, we own a large fleet of barges well suited for the transportation of rip rap and aggregates. The primary role of this division is to deliver stone to Pine Bluff's rip rap and aggregate customers along the inland waterways.

For information regarding our towing operation, please call the Alexandria office at 318.448.0536.